Takata Air Bag Recall: A Sobering Reminder

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey

Too often the busyness of life gets the best of us. We find ourselves spending the majority of our day running around, putting out fires, and taking care of silly things that really don’t matter. Meanwhile, the important things and actions we should be taking are pushed to the back burner of life because we feel we just don’t have the time. Well, last month in Pensacola we had a sobering reminder of the importance of life, friendship, family, and taking care of the “big rocks” in life.

On July 7, 2022, Hayden Earl Jones, Jr., US Navy Sailor and American Patriot, was in a car crash on Mobile Highway when his vehicle’s air bag exploded and shot shrapnel through his body according to a new release from his family’s attorney. This horrible tragedy though reminded us of the globally widespread and important Takata Air Bag recall that began on November 18, 2014. In this recall, Takata was ordered to locate, examine, test, replace, and pay for all defective air bags in circulation. However, to date millions of these airbags are still in circulation.

To see if your vehicle(s) has a defective air bag in it, the United States Department of Transportation created a FREE VIN lookup tool. The great thing about this VIN lookup tool is that it does not just look for Takata Air Bag Recalls, but all recalls that are out there on your vehicle(s). All you need is your vehicles identification number (VIN number). It’s fast, easy, and you can use it Right Now… for FREE!

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Did You Know?

Did you know that statistically over 50% of paid recalls are never completed because the vehicles owners are:

  1. Unaware of the safety recall,
  2. Think it will cost them money,
  3. Don’t know how to check if there is a recall on their vehicle,
  4. Not sure where to go for repairs, or
  5. Simply do not make it a priority in their life.


So… if you haven’t checked your vehicle(s) lately to see if there are active and important recalls out there, PLEASE:

  1. Take 30-seconds and visit the NHTSA.gov/Recalls website,
  2. Enter your vehicles VIN in the search box,
  3. And see if there are any active recalls out there on your vehicle(s).

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Have a Takata Air Bag Recall on Your Vehicle?

This is a paid recall by the manufacturer due to an unsafe product defect that has led to deaths when the air bags are deployed. Please, don’t wait. Make you, your family, and friends a “Big Rock” priority by checking your VIN number now to see if your vehicle(s) air bags (or other parts) are affected and covered by this important and life saving recall. And if they are, follow the NHTSA instructions and take your vehicle(s) in ASAP for repair. 


One More Thought Before We Part Ways for the Day

Did you know that Butler Auto Recycling has removed hundreds of unsafe airbags from the vehicles that have gone through their locations? That’s right. Every vehicle Butler’s purchases for recycling is run through the VIN checker for product defects and recalls. And all of those parts are 100% destroyed (Watch how they are destroyed here?: https://butlerautorecycling.com/what-happens-to-a-car-after-a-wreck-how-does-auto-recycling-work/). That way you can have even more peace of mind when you buy quality used OEM auto parts from Butler’s that come with a warranty!

In Loving Memory of an American Patriot and Exemplary Human, Hayden Earl Jones, Jr.,
Butler Auto Recycling Jim Butler Boss of the Year

Jim Butler
Owner, Butler Auto Recycling