Are used auto parts safe to use? Should I buy used auto parts?

Are used auto parts safe to use? Should I buy used auto parts?

Whether you’ve been in an unfortunate accident, or your vehicle has broken down, you may be asking yourself if used auto parts are safe to buy, or should you pay for new aftermarket parts. While every situation is different, this post will help you better understand to pros and cons of buying auto parts from a junkyard or auto recycler versus a national chain selling foreign made, non-OEM parts. Enjoy!


Junkyard doesn’t mean Junk

While not all parts are created equal, neither are junkyards. At Butler Auto Recycling we sell original OEM manufacture designed and tested auto parts. These parts statistically have failure rates are 2 to 3% lower than aftermarket and rebuilt. So when you buy used auto parts from Butler’s, you have a greater success rate then buying expensive new aftermarket auto parts.


Peace of Mind

Additionally, Butler Auto Recycling offers warranties equal to or longer than the original equipment new parts. Butler Auto parts come with a standard one to three year warranty. A warranty unheard of in the industry even when compared to buying new auto parts.For more information about our warranties, click here.


Benefits of Used Auto Parts

With used auto parts, you are not only purchasing parts that will statistically run better and longer for you, but you are recycling valuable resources that would otherwise be left in a landfill. Plus, when you buy local, you are not only supporting the local economy, but keeping the American economy moving forward since most aftermarket replacement parts are made in countries overseas.


Save Money

The best benefit of buying quality used auto parts from Butler’s is the fact that you’ll save money. And today, with inflation and expenses through the roof in almost every area, who doesn’t want to save money that they work hard to earn.


With all that said, if you were asking yourself the question, “Are used auto parts safe?”, then hopefully this short article helped you to understand that used auto parts bought from a quality auto recycler like Butler’s is not only a safer bet statistically, but better for you and the country.


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