Are used auto parts safe to use? Should I buy used auto parts?

Are used auto parts safe to use? Should I buy used auto parts?

Whether you’ve been in an unfortunate accident, or your vehicle has broken down, you may be asking yourself if used auto parts are safe to buy, or should you pay for new aftermarket parts. While every situation is different, this post will help you better understand to pros and cons of buying auto parts from a junkyard or auto recycler versus a national chain selling foreign made, non-OEM parts. Enjoy!


Junkyard doesn’t mean Junk

While not all parts are created equal, neither are junkyards. At Butler Auto Recycling we sell original OEM manufacture designed and tested auto parts. These parts statistically have failure rates are 2 to 3% lower than aftermarket and rebuilt. So when you buy used auto parts from Butler’s, you have a greater success rate then buying expensive new aftermarket auto parts.


Peace of

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Takata Air Bag Recall: A Sobering Reminder

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey

Too often the busyness of life gets the best of us. We find ourselves spending the majority of our day running around, putting out fires, and taking care of silly things that really don’t matter. Meanwhile, the important things and actions we should be taking are pushed to the back burner of life because we feel we just don’t have the time. Well, last month in Pensacola we had a sobering reminder of the importance of life, friendship, family, and taking care of the “big rocks” in life.

On July 7, 2022, Hayden Earl Jones, Jr., US Navy Sailor and American Patriot, was in a car crash on Mobile Highway when his vehicle’s air bag exploded and shot shrapnel through his body according to a new release from his

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Where do I find auto parts during an auto parts shortage?

Are you looking for replacement auto parts and just can’t seem to find them?

If so, you’re not alone. Since before the pandemic, auto parts, especially computer chips for new and used vehicles, have been hard to come by. You can go to a local auto parts store, the dealership, or shop online, but sadly the parts you need may not be available. So simple auto repairs are keeping thousands of Americans off the road and countless vehicles sitting in service departments due to the already existing auto parts shortage.

Now, fast forward thru the global Coronavirus worldwide pandemic and auto parts are even harder to come by. Everyday parts you that you need that have historically been on the shelf and ready for purchase are now no where to be found. Despite the make and model of your vehicle, it’s getting harder and harder to find replacement auto parts

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Need a Used Motor? Quality Used Motors Milton and Pensacola FL

Need a Used Motor?

Quality Used Motors Milton and Pensacola Locations. In-stock and ready to ship! ??

What’s better than getting a great deal on your new motor? Getting one from Butler’s!  All used motors Milton FL and Pensacola FL are not only in-stock and ready to ship typically, but they are backed by our time tested warranty!

Enjoyed by happy customers over the last 50 years, you can rest assured that the new motor you’re buying from Butler’s will meet or exceed your expectations, or you can take advantage of our industry leading warranty.

In fact, Butler’s Auto Recycling puts its promise of quality and commitment on every used auto part you buy from us. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases, and we back that commitment with the industries best warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return the

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When Butler’s Says Lifetime Auto Parts Warranty, We Mean It!

“It is easy to make promises – it is hard work to keep them.”Boris Johnson

Did you know that Butler Auto Recycling offers a Lifetime Auto Parts Warranty on most parts they sell? Yes, that’s right!  When you buy new and used auto parts from Butler’s we offer our customers warranty options that really serve them. To protect their investments, and keep their vehicles on the road for years to come!

After almost 50 years of providing our customers with quality new and used auto parts, we sometimes take this important benefit to our customers for granted.  We offer lifetime replacement warranties and other warranty options on the quality used and new auto parts well sell. We also work with our customers to find the choice that is right for them.

This week we were once again reminded of the impact Butler Warranties have on our clients lives. 

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