2021 KOAA GTT SHOW is held in Songdo, Incheon, South Korea now 10th~12th Nov.

Hello everyone! I’m now at Songdo Convensia Exhibition center for participating in KOAA GTT show.

Have you ever heard about KOAA GTT Show? It’s the oldest exhibition for Automotive parts business field.

I have attending at this show since 2014. (At that time I was working at another company)

If you want to know the exhibitor list, you can check their website here : http://www.koaashow.com/eng/exhibitor/exhibitor_list.asp?e_code=A018

Or my post here :

Due to Covid19, there are no overseas visitors like last year.

I posted about 2020 KOAA SHOW too.

But it was worthy for me to attend to show koreapartsinfo.com to everyone.

Additionally I had several online meeting at this show.

The exhibition is held under the strict quarantine management. Not available to enter for whom has no certificate of vaccination or Covid19 test result.

KOTRA’s Online meeting place was perfect with interpreters. It was valuable correct matched meetings.

However, hope we can meet overseas visitors in real, face to face next year.

Here one tip – 2019 Korean exhibitor list(contact point) is on sales 60% off  : U$ 20 for 198 companies

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