Making Sure your Boat is Ready for the Water


Every year, before your boat hits the water, it should be thoroughly inspected. You can do this yourself or hire a professional. Being safe on the water is vital. Preventing fires and malfunctions is part of boat safety. These tips will help you ensure that your boat is ready for the water.

Test Exterior for Leaks

If your boat has been dry docked for several months, consider a quick water test prior to docking it in water. Consider using the same method that you’d use to locate a leak in a tire – a bucket of soapy water. Wipe around the exterior of the boat. If more bubbles start to form on a specific area, inspect it further. You may also be able to hear hissing or see water seep into a spot or two.

If a leak is detected, refrain from putting the boat in the water until it is properly sealed. This repair should be done by a professional to prevent capsizing during an outing. The leak should be fixed quickly as further exposure to the elements may make it worse.

Check Electrical Equipment

A boat mechanic is the ideal person to complete a full electrical equipment check. This check should include a thorough inspection of all electrical parts and components. If you happen to know what the issue is, you could order the needed replacement marine parts to have them ready for the mechanic.

Following the needed repairs, all devices and components should be tested in the presence of a licensed mechanic. The mechanic will be able to determine if the electrical components are in proper working order. This will also uncover any additional potential issues.

Inspect Steering and Navigation

The steering and navigation system on your boat is also important. Without navigation, you can get lost in unfamiliar waters. Without steering, you’re just a large buoy floating in the water without control.

Closing Thoughts

Boating season is looked forward to by many – but entering the season safely is of the utmost importance. Even if it means you hit the water a little late, the inspections mentioned above are crucial. Make sure your boat is thoroughly inspected before it hits the water after sitting ashore for several months.