Odor Cars Can Be Removed This Way

The odor of an unpleasant car is indeed very uncomfortable for the passengers. Not infrequently, we look for ways to remove car odor. Before the smell gets worse, you should immediately do the method to get rid of the car odor below. The method is easy and doesn’t cost a lot.

Simple objects around us can be used to get rid of bad odors in the car. Here comes the review.

1. Vacuum cleaners

A vacuum cleaner can be used as a car deodorizer. Usually the smell in the car is caused by dirt, food scraps, cigarette smoke, and others. By using a vacuum cleaner, we can remove the unpleasant odor from the ingredients that cause the odor.

The trick is to use a vacuum cleaner for the entire interior of the car made of cloth, car carpets, footwear and upholstery. The recommended shape of the vacuum cleaner is one with a narrow tip.

2. Soap, brush, and water

There is a possibility that the car cabin will be exposed to spilled liquid objects, such as food or drinks. To prevent the smell from getting worse, we can immediately wash the car using soap (recommended bar soap), brush and water to clean the area affected by the spill. The method is like brushing stains on dirty clothes. Then, leave it to dry. If necessary, sprinkle coffee grounds so that the aroma returns to neutral.

3. Coffee grounds

Coffee is believed to be able to remove bad odors, including as a car odor remover. Unpleasant odors in the car can be neutralized by sprinkling coffee grounds in the car cabin. Don’t forget that after letting it sit for a while, the coffee is cleaned again.

4. Dry in the sun

The next way to get rid of the smell in the car is to expose it in direct sunlight. Sunlight can indeed help remove bad odors from fabrics or other materials. Including car interiors. The trick is to take out car accessories that can be removed, for example the upholstery carpet, clean the dirty parts, then dry them in direct sunlight.

5. Soft scented fragrance

Using a mildly scented car freshener can also be an excellent solution to get rid of odors in the car. It is better not to choose with a strong smell so that the smell does not collide with the smell of the car. The trick is to spray perfume into the car cabin. After that, you should not immediately close the door and windshield. Leave it open for about 30 minutes so that the air circulation works optimally.

6. Pandan leaves

Apart from coffee, natural ingredients that can be used to deodorize cars are pandan leaves. Pandan leaves are usually added to cooking to add a fragrant aroma. However, it turns out that this leaf is also very effective at removing musty odors, including those that are difficult to get rid of.

7. Use air purifiers

The last way that can be done to get rid of car odor is to use an air purifier. The function of this tool is to maximize air circulation so that unpleasant odors can be minimized.