Efficient Tips for Choosing Genuine Car Spare Parts

Tips for choosing genuine car spare parts but still saving and an important note that the price of car spare parts usually depends on the car itself, the more expensive the price of the car, usually the price of spare parts is also more expensive, when compared to cars that are cheaper.

For those of you who want to save on maintenance costs for your new car spare part needs, here are some saving tips that you can do:

Understand the provisions in the service book

All car manufacturers have provided guidelines for when to replace all car spare parts. From the first service to the umpteenth service, it requires the replacement of one spare part (at least).
Now, to reduce the budget, you can replace it according to the provisions in the vehicle’s periodic service book according to the type of service. This is because everything in the service book has been arranged as sparingly as possible by the car manufacturer.

So you can replace little by little according to the basic needs of the car or whichever is most important and make expenses when maintenance can be more controlled.

Purchase non-genuine spare parts

Not always Non Genuine spare parts are not good, we also find many non Genuine spare parts in the market with better quality, especially for supporting spare parts such as cooling system spare parts. For example, we take the water inlet, engine water inlet or the original engine thermostat housing built in by the vehicle using non-metallic materials, while on the market we can find water inlets with aluminum metal materials which are stronger and more heat resistant.

Buying non-genuine spare parts also needs to be careful, especially those related to vital electrical components, don’t just be tempted by cheap prices, these spare parts only last two or three months, this will actually add to a greater cost.

Work around by knowing the Spare Part number

Knowing the part number or number on the spare part sometimes gives more benefits and is more efficient, one example that can be practiced is for spare parts drive belts or fan belts, if we buy a drive belt for car A, for example, the price can reach millions, by knowing the number or size of the drive belt, we can get a drive belt at a cheaper price, even half the price if we know the size. Because there are many brands of drive belts or fan belts in the market.

Make sure not to change the car engine settings

Under certain conditions, the spare part you need may not be available or become a component that rarely breaks. So that not all shops or workshops provide spare parts for the car, even though the car is in a situation where it is needed. If this happens, you can replace it with a spare part outside the brand that is commonly used and you need to be aware that by changing the brand there will be the possibility of causing a different service life.

Changing the engine settings, in this case, of course there will be changes to the spare parts used, therefore if there is damage then the possibility to get replacement spare parts is also a little more difficult, when the vehicle is handled by another mechanic. Then it would be wise not to change the engine settings. And the possibility of returning to using original spare parts is still possible and the condition of the car is maintained quite well.

Do repairs or service in a professional workshop

Sometimes recommendations from friends are also important and you can visit a repair shop with a professional mechanic or a mechanic you already know well, so that you fully understand the specifications and criteria of the car.

If possible, visit an authorized dealer, even though there may be a place for more spare part replacements, but this usually also depends on the type of service according to the kilometers traveled by the vehicle.