Would You Like to be the Best Tank Commander of All Time (or Crush a Car)?

History buffs love to get together over a pint and argue about who was the all-time best tank commander. The question will never be decided. Should the best tank commander be considered the general in charge of many tanks or the lower-ranking sergeant who did an outstanding job while commanding one tank? Since those who are passionate on the subject generally can’t agree on even how to define ‘best tank commander’, perhaps they should ‘get behind the wheel’ of a couple tanks and settle it on the course.

That’s true, with a little instruction, just about anyone can drive a tank. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Of course, it’s not possible to blow up your mate in the other tank, but it can be decided on tactics or marksmanship. A 55 ton Chieftain tank was the main British battle tank from the 60s to the 80s and it can certainly fulfill your tank fantasy. Emulate Rommell’s tactics while leading the Afrika Corp.across the desert and stalk your opponent. Some consider Patton to have been the best tank general of all time. Charge full-speed and conquer the enemy.

Try to match the record of the top tank ace of all time. During WWII, Sgt. Kurt Knispel made a hit on a tank that was almost two miles away. Luck or marksmanship? How good is your aim? Find out with a tank battle paint-balling contest. If that’s not for you, then visualize yourself in a fully-loaded, super-heavyweight tank charging down the road and crushing a car ‘just because it’s there’.

A Day In A Tank has the tanks and is looking for the commanders. In addition to the Chieftain, the main battle tank, they also have the amphibious Grozdilka. This tank really has the big gun, carrying a 122mm smooth-bore cannon. The British Supacat high-mobility vehicle has been put into service all over the world. Anyone who likes pounding the woods in a 4×4 will fall in love with the Supacat. Paintball enthusiasts will prefer the FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier. Test out your aim with the gun that once held 1,600 rounds of ammunition.

For a gift that will never be forgotten, browse ADayInATank.co.uk and investigate the available options. While perfect for individuals, this also makes a splendid way to celebrate a stag party or to build teamwork during a corporate event. Call now to discuss the possibilities available at the three different venues within the UK.