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Understanding the Different Needs of Your Aircraft

People who own a jet should always think of getting a regular aircraft maintenance to make sure that your bird is safe in the air. Planes are complicated vehicles. For this reason, aircraft maintenance service providers have to inspect and maintain them in plenty of ways to keep the operational. This article will let you know the different maintenance needs of every plane. Knowing these will help you understand your jet.

– The Airframe

Your plane has basic mechanical structures such as wings, undercarriage and fuselage and are called airframe. These three aspects are the main concern on airframe maintenance and does not deal with maintaining the engine or even the propulsion system. Airframe job would include landing gear replacement, aircraft painting, corrosion control and replacement of winglets.

This maintenance would also include letter checks which is a detailed inspection happened after a certain miles have been conquered by the plane. These would include A, B, C and D checks. A and B are focused on the cosmetic side, C involves checking all the components and D is when planes are taken apart and then reassembled. A and B are done more frequently, but C and D happen every after years and requires a lot of hours to be completed.

– The APU and Engine Maintenance

Another essential part of aircraft maintenance is engine check-up. To make sure that your engine is well maintained, then you have to look for a mechanic who is equipped in your engine type. Engine work would include troubleshooting, engine testing, removing and reinstallation. On the same manner, the APU or auxiliary power unit of your get should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. APU gives power to your jet to function properly. You have to look for a mechanic who is specializing in the model of APU you have.

– Components Are Cleaned and Replaced

There are plenty of components in your plane that needs to be inspected and repaired. In this job, the components must be removed and cleaned. In addition, there is an application of anti-corrosion components, lubrication of parts and replacement of damaged pars. In order to be sure that your hydraulic and pneumatic system will run smoothly, the technician will run tests on these.

– The Avionics Testing

Avionics includes electronic systems which plays a very important role of the total performance of your jet. This kind of testing includes the navigation as well as communications equipments, such as GPS, radar, computer systems and radio communicators. Since this will include electrical engineering like replacing or rewiring components, your mechanic should have ample knowledge about these.

These are the different things that you need to know about the maintenance needs of your aircraft.

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