A Quick History of Cars

The History and Future of Automotives.

Automobiles are arguably one the greatest, and most widely put to use inventions that our society has ever come across because of how productive an automobile’s use is. What used to be considered an automobile is very different from the later entries to the concept, seeing as it was a wooden plank with wheels and a steam powered engine. During the nineteenth century there were multiple improvements to these steam powered automobiles such as handbrakes, more advanced steering controls, and horns which actually became required due to safety reasons and the fact that the concept of an automobile was new. A new engine was brought about in the 20th century, which used fuel and oxygen to create what is known as an internal combustion engine. With the advances in motor and auto technology, a mass production scheme was invented specifically for these machines, in order to maximize the financial productivity that they could bring to the people and companies who were making them. The intuition that lead to newer automobiles gave people new and easier modes of transportion, which in turn lead to a more modern society, shifting away from rural lifestyles more and more. It was evident by the 1980’s that the changes in society that were brought about by automobiles were here to stay, judging by the facts that showed that more than four out of every five Americans owned at least one car. Today the automotive industry is one of the most productive industries in the world, producing upwards of seventy million cars a year, which would seem crazy to someone back in the nineteenth century. Today the majority of cars still use an internal combustion engine, which burns gasoline to make the automobile run, but is also criticized for being bad for the environment. One of the biggest shifts that the engineering of automobiles has taken since previous centuries is what the technological advances are trying to improve with the automobiles. Obviously since motor vehicles were a newer concept than they are now, engineers worked to build on that concept in ways that made a vehicle a more efficient machine that allows the transportation of people or goods. Today advances are done for very different reasons such as wanting to improve a car’s safety rating, make it a more comfortable car to drive, or to simply make it look more exquisite for the high-end car buyers. All in all, automotive motor vehicles have come a long way since their beginning, and there is still a long road ahead for their capacity to be advanced.