Car Windows Can’t Opened

best-auto-carWe hardly notice the rubber windshield, because it seems trivial and when the windshield drag when it is opened it will matter on the part of this one. Not only rubber glass but there is another part that is adjacent rubber car door and usually wipe when washing the car. Risk of damage to the rubber parts in the car even greater if you often park your car directly under the blazing sun, for example, in the office or in the garage of the house is not equipped with a canopy.

Avoid parked under direct sun

Though the name of rubber there are certainly useful life, the primary disease is brittle. If it is brittle (no bending), the result is a car door seals to be broken and the water was easy to enter. If the rubber brittle at the windshield, then usually the side glass into delicate beret and certainly increase the likelihood of water seeping through the gap between rubber and glass. If brittle occurred in the wiper rubber wiper sweep results in the windshield becomes clean again.

Rubber Car Window Need Care

Then to the rubber that functions as track the ups and downs of glass using a spray of pressurized air from the compressor or use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Use the tip sleek vacuum cleaner to suck up the sidelines rubber glass. Do it repeatedly so that dust does not remain. Be careful because the dust can affect the eyes. As for the car door seals, rubber windscreen and wipers simply wipe with a cloth that is slightly damp.

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