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Choose the Car Wash Service That Fits You and Your Car

Car wash is a term that we use to describe a facility that we go to get the exterior and interior of our vehicles washed. There are a couple of categories when it comes to automobile washing, you can decide to wash your vehicle yourself or you can hire someone else to wash your car for you. A lot of people would prefer to have their car washed by someone else. There are a lot of facilities around town that will was your vehicle for you, why would you want to do it yourself?

Self-service wash facilities let you pay to use their machines and tools to wash your own vehicle. Those people out there that like to do thing themselves, they can take their car to a facility that lets you manually wash your car. The benefits of these facilities is that it will supply you with all of the utensils to wash your vehicle.

For people that like to have their car washed by hand but do not want to do it themselves, they can take it to a garage that employs workers that will hand wash your vehicle. This will give you the wash you want without sending your car through an automated machine. A advantage of these facilities is that you will get the detail of a hand wash without taking the time to do it yourself.

In-Bay automatic wash is the next type of facility we will be looking at. This type of wash uses rollers that will move back and forth while a machine sprays water and foam. You can drive into these facilities and when you come out the other end your car will be completely washed and dried. The advantage of this is that it is very fast.

The next type of wash we will look at is a tunnel wash. This is another type of automated machine. A conveyor belt will move your car slowly through a series of steps that will completely wash your vehicle. This will also use water foam to wash your car and will have driers to completely dry your vehicle as well.

Some people might say that washing your car with water will eventually ruin your vehicles polish and finish. If you are one of these people you should know that there are also facilities that will wash your car without using any water. These are referred to as chemical washes as they use chemicals to wash the body of your vehicle while at the same time using polish for the surface. These will remove all of the dirt and grime from your car and it will have a nicely polished finish. These will use steam jets that will spray your vehicle and micro fiber towels to ensure your vehicle looks great when it is done.