What to Consider when Purchasing a Used Forklift

No matter if you need to move heavy bundles of wood at your construction site, or retrieve pallets in a warehouse, having a safe and efficient forklift is essential. However, if you are planning to purchase a used forklift from a Used Forklift Company in Phoenix, there are a number of things to consider prior to making your purchase. When you know what to look for, you can feel confident that you are purchasing a quality forklift that will perform as expected.

The Mast and Forks

When inspecting a forklift for purchase, begin at the front. Check for any bends or cracks in the forks that may have been caused due to overloading in the past. For a minor bend, you may be able to have the forks straightened. However, if there are deep, large cracks, it can make it extremely dangerous for the forklift to attempt to lift a full-capacity load. You should also check the cylinders for any leakage.

Cylinders, Lift Chains and Mast Rails

After inspecting the forks, move on to the mast rails and look for any welds or cracks that may affect the structural integrity of the masts. Also, look for any signs of excessive wear on the mast rollers. An example of an issue would be a compressed oval shape, instead of a round shape. You should also follow the entire length of the forklifts lift chains, taking not of any missing or damaged links. Look at the hoses that are next to the chains for any signs of leaks.

Canopy, Cowling and Frame

Check for signs of damage on the body of the forklift, pausing at each side to look at the cowling. Also look for any damage or bends at the canopy supports which are essential for protection for the operator. If there are bends, it may indicate a rollover or dropped load.

When you know what to look for, you can find a used forklift for a great price that is also in great condition. You should never purchase a used forklift without first looking at it in person. This is extremely important, especially if you have a heavy workload to handle.