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Finding the Right Style for Wedding Photos

When you are deciding on who to hire as your wedding photographer, there are a few different factors to take into consideration. Your photographer’s personality is certainly one thing to take into account. You need to know what their professional experience looks like, and be sure to decide whether or not their pricing works for you. Style, however, is the factor one should hold first and foremost. This is a day that will go down as one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You need the photographs taken to encapsulate your special day in the exact manner that suites your taste. As such, you should consider some of the stylistic choices that are available to you.

The first style many will want to consider is known as portraiture. Photos taken in this style are classic and traditional in nature, akin to many photos taken at the weddings of the previous generation. Classic areas will be chosen for photos to be taken, in traditional poses. Basically, these types of photos will be very customary and usual in nature. For this style, you will want to hire a photographer who specializes in portraiture.

Next, you will certainly want to consider the more modern style referred to as fine art. The fine art style will not have you posing in formal stances and whatnot. Instead, this style will be more concentrated on capturing the natural moments of your wedding. These photos will be beautiful and dramatic, with blurred backgrounds and very human qualities. This style will generally be influenced heavily by the particular artistic choices of your photographer, so you will definitely want to get a feel for their previous work. If you still want some traditional photos, it might be best to hire two different photographers, unless you find one who is proficient in both areas.

The final style you might want to ponder is referred to as edgy, or bold photography. Photos taken in this style will definitely challenge one’s notion of wedding photography. This bold style of photography uses unique techniques to position the bride and groom alongside different items or backgrounds that comes out looking very different and fills the frame with beauty. It could be a picture taken above the bride and groom as they eat with a focus on the first bite of cake–this style will wow and impress the artistically inclined for sure. As such, you will want to explore the styles of several photographers who specialize in this genre.

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is not something to be overlooked. Everything must be perfect for your day, but it must also be captured perfectly as well. Be certain that the style you choose will reflect how you want to remember this event. If the budget allows, hiring two photographers is definitely a reasonable course of action.