The Rivalry of Ferrari and Lamborghini Straight Out of the 60’s

The huge rivalry between Ferrari and Lamborghini can to be dated all the way back to the early 60s. Feruccio Lamborghini started Lamborghini as a tractor company. It is weird to think now that a company that sold tractors to farmers is now the leading brand in performance sports cars. Yet one can see the seeds of luxury vehicles all the way back in these early years when Feruccio Lamborghini was busy marketing to farmers in Nebraska. Using the money accumulated through his tractor company, the founder of Lamborghini collected high-end luxury vehicles. This included a lot of Ferrari’s, as well as Mercedes-Benz and Alpha Romeo’s. He found these cars all about performance, and not on a practical level. He understood that these cars exemplified high-class success and a whole lot of money. So the fact that Ferrari boasted a 20 mpg on the highway was kind of besides the point in counterintuitive to why he was even buying.

Anyways, this is where the rivalry began. Feruccio found that the Ferrari was actually lacking in performance. He spent thousands of dollars on this car, and the clutch broke out on it. This was in a Ferrari 250 GT. He thought he can get a faster car with a more powerful exterior design. Ironically, his tractor background allowed for him to help craft a superior performing car. Tractors are all about performance and almost nothing about the aesthetic quality. He prepared planes, which was the launching pad for the tractor business.

With these two ideas, he began a Lamborghini sports car manufacturing plant in 1963 and a guide to buy a Lamborghini. After a number of months he had the 350 GT ready to release in the market. He sold roughly 120 of these vehicles in his first year of business.

This wasn’t all that impressive compared to Ferrari. They were selling thousands of cars on a national and even global level by the late 60s. So the rest of the years was all about growing the brand and focusing on performance as well as the visually appetizing design of the car. Lamborghini was known to beat out the Ferrari almost every single year. With each iteration of the Lamborghini, he carved a little bit more out of Ferraris track record of dominance in the marketplace.