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Some Things You Need To Remember If You Are Married To A Man Who Loves Mud Trucks

Perhaps you want to make your mud truck junkie happier and learn more about the scene he is so into, so we’ve listed some things you need to keep in mind in order to make your marriage stronger.

One: When it’s about to get dark and he’s still at the shop, you will receive a message from him informing you he’s going to be late, better not wait up because he means it – he’s going to be late, late.

Two: Avoid being jealous of the bromances he will have with his pals – because really, it’s inevitable in this scene.

Three: No, you’re not going to have a tropical vacation – when he says you’re going to be have a fun time together, he means you’re going to have a fun-filled day at the mud bog.

Four: It’s very simple to make him happy on his birthday and knowing what to give him as a gift is plain and simple: tools or truck parts.

Five: You might want to have Xanax handy as mud bog events and the weekends can be pretty nerve wracking.

Six: During event seasons, it’s safe to assume his phone’s going to blow up with calls, texts, and Facebook notifications – it’s all part of their mind-child competitive psyche.

Seven: He will most likely be next to you in bed while streaming YouTube videos of mud trucks so expect to fall asleep to the roaring sound of truck engines.

Eight: You will have frequent visitors: Fed-Ex, USPS, and UPS.

Nine: Wasting money, serious amounts of money, is all part of this game – he tend to diminish it, regain it, and then do it all over again.

Ten: If his mud truck is not on its tip top shape and/or he’s unable to attend an event, expect to see his dark side: grumpy, moody, or indifferent. During these times, be extra cautious – it’s their most sensitive state.

Eleven: Sometimes, it will seem like you come second to their source of pride and joy. Acknowledge that it’s just a feeling and try not to be overly emotional about it.

Twelve: He will definitely have lots of seriously dirty, oil, grease and mud-filled clothes. Be prepared to level up your laundry skills.

Thirteen: You will meet a lot of interesting people on the road – you will never feel alone. For sure, you will have a lot of fun experiences as well as lasting memories at every even you attend with your mud truck junkie husband.

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