Swap your Car’s Headlight Bulbs with Modern LEDs


While driving at night and in bad climate, having proper car lighting is highly essential especially in the remote areas. LED fog lights today have proved to be one of the ideal replacement headlights options of your 55 W halogen bulb.

Why choose LED lights

The superior quality light saves you from any kind of accidents. LED fog lights useless energy and are nearly 85% more efficient than halogen headlights. They offer exceptional lighting power at a very reasonable cost. A standard LED light bulb uses about 65 kilowatt-hours of electricity in a year.LED lights are soothing for your eyes and therefore make it comfortable for you to drive even in pitch darkness. LED lights focus the light towards a certain direction. These lights use diodes instead of filaments, which makes them more durable. LED driving lights stays cool as the bulbs produce very little heat, nearly about 3.4 BTU per hour. LED headlights have very long life.

Buying guide

When it comes to car accessories, you should count on the best quality material. Here is a list of best led replacement bulbs that you can choose from:

  • OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Fog Light Kit – The outstanding throw of light is one of the key features of any fog light. This fog light illuminates the road even in bad weather conditions. It’s cold pressed aluminum heat sink along with the dual speed Ternopol Fan ensures an excellent cooling system. The 3500 lumens of brightness ensure exceptional visibility even at night.
  • Sirius LED H8 Size DRL LED Fog Light – This LED fog light acts as both a daytime running light which improves the daytime-visibility of vehicles also as a headlight in the dark. You can install it very easily. All you need to do is, remove the old halogen light and plug the LED fog LIGHTSWITCH’s 30W LED bulbs emits a decent power that lighten road surface.
  • Nilight 2PCS 18W Spot Driving Fog Light – This fog light comes in a customized design and adjustable mount brackets that lets you tilt the lights at an angle covering 45 degrees. The lamp construction along with the special glass protects the components from any kind of dust, dirt or damage. The fog lights are completely compatible with all vehicles irrespective of the voltage.
  • Calais H3 Bright Golden Color LED Fog Light – The H-3 lamp of this fog light emits a shade on yellow which well illuminates the road. Being made of aviation aluminum, they don’t tend to get overheated. It is shock-proof and even water-resistant.

  • North pole Light 2x 27W Flood LED Light Bar – Its 1980 lumens of brightness keep the road in front well lit even when it is raining heavily. Each lamp contains 9 LEDs and it comes with easy-to-install mounting brackets that make the installation process smooth.

So, hit the road today in any weather condition by getting home one of these LED fog lights.