Most Expensive Motorcycle


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Motor is one of the most popular vehicles in all countries and even the world. And in this world there are several types of motorbikes . That are favored by many people from the types of Metic, Sport, Trail, and Big Bike. Not only that, for some people the motorbike is not only an ordinary means of transportation. But the motorbike is also a complement to a more modern and more advanced lifestyle. In the world there are also several motorized vehicles that are specifically designed specifically and only produced a few units.

Every motorcycle manufacturer like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati and KTM must have a flagship motorbike . that has an expensive price with a motorbike performance.  that is above average but still in international standard. Meanwhile, with increasingly sophisticated and more modern technological advancements, today’s motors are more powerful and more reliable in blocking all types of conditions. And this time will provide information about the 3 most expensive motorcycles in the world . that can be your reference in choosing a motorbike with a powerful motorbike performance and classy driving comfort.

  1. Confederation of B120 Wraith

This motorbike that is priced at US $ 92,500 has a unique and quirky motorbike design. The motorbike made by an American manufacturer, the Confederate B120 Wraith, is able to attract the attention of motorbike users. Besides this motorbike has a performance engine that is fairly tough and able to produce extraordinary power.

This motorbike uses a 1490 cc engine with 2 cylinders with a V configuration. This motor is also capable of producing a maximum power of 125 HP at 7200 rpm with a maximum torque of 176 Nm at 4200 rpm with a combustion system that uses carburetors collaborating with 5 speed transmission system.

  1. Vyrus 987 C3 4V

Equipped with an engine capacity of 1,198 cc with air as the engine cooling system. It making this sports motor capable of producing a maximum power of 168 hp . The power generated by the Vyrus 987. It is then channel through a 6-speed transmission system.  with a transmission operation pattern 1 – N – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6.

Priced at a price of US $ 103,769, this sport bike is one of the most expensive motorcycles in the world. In addition, this motorbike also has a class of comfort, because this motorbike is equip with two suspension types of swing arm locate at the front and rear. In addition to providing a class of comfort, this motorbike is more unique compare to an ordinary motorbike.

  1. MV Agusta F4CC

Agusta, who has a Cagiva subsidiary. Of the 10 most expensive motorcycles in the world. One of them is a motor made by Pizza, the MV Agusta F4CC (Claudio Castiglioni). This motorbike is price at US $ 120,000. The MV Agusta F4CC motorbike is also a sports motorbike with full fairing design.

Selan expensive price this motorbike also displays mesi performance that is more powerful than the usual sports motorcycles. Using a 1,078 cc engine with in line 4-cylinder cylinder. this sports motor is capable of producing a maximum power of 200 hp at 12,200 rpm with maximum torque of 125 Nm at 9,000 rpm.