How Vehicle Warranties Boost U.K. Car Sales

Many U.K. car dealerships stay ahead of the competition by offering customers exceptional warranties. The policies are often provided by specialists such as Momentum Warranties, Limited. These experts have decades of experience that allows them to offer a range of benefits to dealers and vehicle buyers.

Warranty Experts Support Dealers

Insurance professionals like momentum warranties offer dealers benefits that help them sell more cars. These include:

  • Gap Insurance: Dealers can offer clients combined gap insurance that covers their purchase for up to four ears. They are offered a pro-rated refund if they cancel their sale. They can choose claim limits and are protected if their car is stolen or damaged. Policies are underwritten by quality, reputable insurance companies.
  • A Variety of Products: Dealers can provide a variety of affordable warranty products ranging from one to 36 months. They can enhance used car purchases by offering clients five-year policies. Their buyers get one-day coverage and quick claim payments.
  • Marketing Materials: Dealers can order warranties branded to their needs as well as professionally designed marketing materials.
  • Professional Help: Warranty professionals have experience in the auto industry and their managers offer on-site help to dealers.

Warranty Professionals Protect Customers

Dealers that offer quality warranties draw many customers who are attracted by the affordable protection. Clients can often choose from five and seven year warranties, MOT insurance, tire insurance, and breakdown coverage. Warranties can cover engines, turbo chargers, gearboxes, cooling systems, starter motors, electrical systems, brakes, and more. Coverage can also include:

  • 24-hour emergency help
  • Lockout service
  • Alternate travel arrangements
  • Roadside and home assist
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Coverage for trailers
  • Message service

Warranty Experts Solve Problems

Businesses that provide dealer warranties also ensure smooth transactions and efficient problem solving. They help dealers choose the products that will increase their sales and they offer online registration that allows dealers to download immediate proof of coverage. A customer service staff of warranty experts helps vehicle buyers and resolves claims within 5 days or less.

U.K. auto dealers often work with companies that help them attract customers by offering affordable warranties. Warranty experts offer marketing materials and ideas, resolve dealer questions and problems, and provide the highest level of customer care to vehicle buyers.