How To Tell When You Have A Dying Transmission

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I have a 2001 ford windstar se sport. Assume my transmission is slipping just a little. when it tries to enter third gear the rpms go up and down however i dont lose power and the van acts like it’s hesitating. I’ve no engine lights exhibiting and my fluid doesnt odor burnt and is crimson and clear. What might be going on? Have a small leak in lines at radiator but fluid only slightly low. Please assist that is solely car I’ve.

I’ve a 2000 Taurus and lately seen a thumping sound around the entrance left drivers side wheel. I can at occasions actually really feel it slightly below the place my accelerator foot is. The noise occurs after a number of minutes of driving and is extra noticeable after driving quarter-hour. It’s a repetitive thump-thump noise. I simply did a quick visible and did not discover any grease leaking from the front suspension area, or some other seen signs. Is one of these noise / signs indicative of a foul bearing, cv boot, or some other suspension half? Any help is appreciated.

Idk if this is comment is going to go through or how fast i will recieve a reply but i have an 05 honda pilot and final week it spilled fluid. Idk where since i couldnt discover leak. I added some fluid through the dipstick and i feel i over filed it. Is that a problem. The rationale i ask is as a result of it should drive usually when cold but as soon as it will get scorching it should have bother shifting. It sound prefer it neutralizes and then engages arduous once the rmps go larger. Also once it gets scorching the reverse stops working until i accelerate actually onerous. (Did that when only) i would really like to determine what it’s but I don’t know the place to start! 2005 Honda pilot 4×4 computerized.

Hello Glenn, thanks for the recommendation. I believe you’re right. I tried to make use of #ninety three gas to help clear the coke on the sensor one week in the past. It’s mentioned this is among the useful methods to do away with engine gentle drawback. After operating for about 400 miles, the light went off as we speak. I am going to attempt to exchange O2 sensor as you advised. Which sensor do I would like to alter? There are 4, I feel.