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Automotive CarRacing followers from round northern California are headed to Sonoma Raceway March 22-23 for the wackiest vehicle race you’ll ever see, the 24 Hours of LeMons. All automobiles within the race should be purchased and ready for no more than $500, which means that all of them is, in impact, a chunk of junk.

I would verify the transmission fluid degree first, it could be low causing the transmission to slide, if the extent is OK, the automobile may have an inside transmission downside. There could also be a warranty on the transmission work, so don’t wait too long to carry it again to the transmission storage so they can take a look. Maintain me posted on what you discover Carla, I’m very curious, thanks.

It is a 1998 toyota Tacoma 2wd four cylinder, he had a ball joint replaced 6 months ago & has been noticing the past few months when he turns the steering wheel either method it makes a squeezing noise. He tryed putting wd40 on the ball joint nevertheless it still makes the noise. Is there a reason for concern with this challenge? Would there be another concern he’s not conscious of? Thank you!

It is both the brake pad wear indicator hitting the rotor, or it’s the rotor backing plate, sometime when the backing plate is simply too close to the rotor it can rub against it and trigger a squeaking noise. I like to recommend having someone take away the wheels and verify the brakes within the area you hear the noise. Let me know what you discover, thanks.

All members enthusiastically participated in recruiting friends and family who had been Rolls Royce and Bentley owners to affix our membership. Each first Sunday of the month I selected a different place for members to satisfy, in fact in their cars, and we at all times drove in convoy to an ideal restaurant for lunch. Everyone regarded forward to these outings.