Fixing Cars Scratched paint

Scratches, splinters, and all kinds of defects on the car body is not easily avoided, but with the improvements carefully all the ‘defects’ such that almost can be covered perfectly. In the reality of everyday life, is hard to avoid the many causes around us that can leave scratches on the paint our cars. There are kids who play even leaned the bike in the car, not to mention the occasional pet-claw. And not only caused by others, sometimes even we could inscribe themselves had the car keys to the body.

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But if the look, the color of its body or its metal look, this is a deeper scratches. Apart from the problem that, never did repair the paint when the temperature around you uncomfortable. Because the paint will be difficult to stick, drying is less good or fade gleam. Temperatures ideal for paint repair process is preferably between 20 ° C to 30 ° C. Find a place sheltered from the wind and direct sunlight. Better yet, if indoors, or at least existing carport roof. Relative humidity less than 60 percent, or thereabouts. The mixture used for drying paint would make the surface of the panel to be cold when dried, and can lead to condensation on the surface of the panel. And of course, it will degrade the quality of the results.

If it was not the car that is older than 20 years, or a car that never repainted, almost ascertained using enamel paint coated catalyst nodes. Its surface is hardened with certain chemicals, where the cat will quickly stabilize in a few hours after the factory.

Cat car can actually survive long enough 10 years, but as usage and age of car paint the car will be damaged first car used regardless of maintenance that would easily make the paint looks damaged (water spots, rust, mildew, scratches, and so forth).

Here is the cause of damage to the car paint:

  1. Exposure to direct sunlight, it is especially when the car is parked / stopped

The impact on the paint is paint be not bright / dull / pale / dirty. To prevent parking time choose a cool place eg under a tree or a roof

  1. Affected scratch the hand / nail / other objects.

Scratches due usage is usually smooth and still can be fixed with a polished, many fine scratches caused by the use duster / duster or other cleaning tools that are not standard / bearish for example duster from Japanese grass / plastic … Use a duster made from soft fabrics or if necessary to remove dust microfiber not to scratch the paint

  1. Scratches due to lack of proper treatment

Usually car scratched when we want to clean the car but do not know the technique for example, when the use of cleaner to polish a car. Because one can choose the cleaners, one clothed, the car was still dirty, or even the wrong direction in rubbing can even scratch the car

  1. The collision or clash

collision or collisions causing harm in the form of scratches in the paint scraping primer layer and penetrate to the metal (plate body of the car), well, if this is the case then it must be done repainting

  1. The rest of the washing water containing detergent

Water containing detergent should be rinsed with clean while at the same time in flushing wiped clean water, water + detergent remainder goal washing really clean, not to wash without rinsing well.

Prevention is always rinse with clean, do not let this detergent water dry up, the damage caused by water detergents are moldy paint / crusty

  1. The rest of rainwater

Rainwater is not immediately rinsed and cleaned with a cloth to dry can also cause the paint soiled by mildew / crust is quite difficult to clean with regular washing. Prevention is always clean them with water immediately and do not wait until the rain dries up

  1. Car rusty

It also includes the most severe damage, because the paint was peeling left too long eventually cause rust on the car body.

From the 7th most common cause of damage can be concluded that there are different types of damage to the car paint and cause, among others:

* Scratches light: use of improper

* Scratches weight: crash / collision

* Water Spot: rainwater and water detergent

* Cat moldy: Rainwater and water detergent

* Rust: peeling paint