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Automotive CarAround 1989, my mom gave me my first automobile. It was the car I realized to drive in as she had owned it for about six or seven years earlier than I did. It had loads of problems, however most of them had been due to the bad design of the carburetor it had. The automotive had a straight six cylinder, 250ci, with a one barrel carburetor. Most massive Ford automobiles had the 302ci V8 at the moment. But, once I took a number of do-it-yourself automobile repair lessons, I received that automobile running really well and took it all over the southwest United States within the early nineties.

I had thought that by this time I would have discovered a greater system however arc heating and torch/flame heating are out of the question due to holding the fumes to a minimum. So for now I take advantage of an array of several previous soldering irons which might be placed strategically across the mould to help in the even heating. Nevertheless, that may be a very inefficient system so I have been engaged on a new one that uses a small chamber and direct blown warmth from that chamber.

No, do not change the converter, clear the code and drive it, if it comes back on, spend some money to have someone from a transmission shop diagnose it. So far as the misfire codes, what’s inflicting them? It may very well be a coil, plug, egr valve, injector, blah, blah, blah. Have it identified, it might be one thing else causing the misfire. Let me know what you discover out, thanks Mercedes.

This is an excellent web page! There may be nothing worse than getting in your car to go to work and it will not begin. No reaction at all, not even a glimmer of life from lights, or gauges, and never one sound from the engine. It is much better to expect that it will not last much longer than two and a half years, and substitute it so that you don’t have to face the despair of calling in to work late.

I personal a 2005 Honda Civic. Currently, my a/c has been on and off operating Lukewarm and as I gain speed, getting colder. My passenger side flooring HAS been totally soaked however not lately. Nonetheless, I’ve not had any problems with coolant being low. No overheating. I am definitely NOT a mechanic…I’m a feminine. I get in and drive. If it needs gasoline I fill it up. If it wants oil I get it changed….that sums it up.