Canadian Automotive Museum

We hosted numerous school discipline journeys at the museum and provided rides in the Snow Flyer to nearly 50 children throughout Drained Iron week.

Arms-free calling is vital and is the law in many states. If dad’s basic trip would not have hands-free capabilities, you may get him a Bluetooth speakerphone. Jabra Freeway, for example, is one device that he may like. It pairs very simply with a telephone and requires no installation, apart from clipping it onto the visor. This speakerphone is just not just for making and answering calls – you can also stream music to it from your cellphone, and even have it re-transmitted to the radio in your automobile. And it responds to voice prompts too.

Options: Along with frequently changing displays on trucking, the museum has a show of Crosley vehicles and collectibles, a 35-minute film about transferring the Edaville Railroad from Carver, MA, to Portland, ME, artwork shows, stock automobiles from the now-closed Danbury Race Area, vintage trucks starting from the early 1900s to 1974, plus a trio of automobiles made in Connecticut – a Locomobile, a Trumbull and a Barker.

Accommodating between 6000 and 12000 patrons relying on its configuration, the Coliseum stood for eighty three years at 1513 S. Wabash Avenue, just a mile and a half south of the Chicago Loop, near many of the major train stations that converged in Chicago. President William McKinley was scheduled to open the Coliseum with brass bands, a parade, and far pomp and circumstance in late August 1900, but unrest in The Philippines prevented him from attending the Coliseum opening.

Our latest acquisition is a circa 1928 Edwards Pioneer Street Grader. John Hoegberg discovered the pull-sort grader frozen in the tundra while mushing his dog group near Central in 1998. He used his Belgian draft horses to pull the grader to clean out his mile-long driveway each spring. Sadly, John died suddenly final winter and we purchased this uncommon grader from his estate in Could. We plan to spruce it up a bit and display it outdoors the museum.