All The Best Experiences in a Patagonia Safari Tour

Deciding on a vacation destination can be difficult. Do you want to relax on the beach, experience the bustle of a big city, or travel to a new country to encounter all of it’s wonders? For the adventurous, a trip overseas to explore a country’s wildlife and landscapes can be the ultimate escape. Some may choose to go it alone, but many people would rather be part of a professional expedition. One of the best locations to experience the vacation of a lifetime is in the majestic region of South America known as Patagonia. For the best patagonia safari tour possible, look into the services of Apex Expeditions.

Patagonia, a part of both Argentina and Chile, contains everything a traveler could desire. The western edge holds the Andes mountains, thermal hot springs, and stunning waterfalls. To the South are the Patagonian ice fields with the largest amount of glacial formations in the southern hemisphere. In eastern Argentina, witness the unique wildlife that the expansive plains have to offer while the awe-inspiring lake district of Northern Patagonia cannot be missed.

In order to experience this region in a safe and structured manner, a trip can be planned through Apex Expeditions. For a reasonable price, you can become part of the company’s 15 day excursion. Led by travel guides who have spent years on organized expeditions, you can rest assured that the trip will not stray off course into unknown territory. The days will be spent discovering the beauty of Patagonia while evenings involve relaxing meals at upscale hotels. The adventure starts in Buenos Aires and continues south across the Argentinian plains. After a few days, the expedition heads into the Andes, visiting the gorgeous lake district before entering Chile. Here you can enjoy the beautiful Pacific coastline and observe the life cycle of the native marine wildlife. At this point the expedition ventures to the Torres del Paine Nation Park, an area of amazing landscapes and fauna. This park is so large that the expedition will stay for several days so that all travelers can explore it thoroughly. Finally, the group takes a scenic drive to the Straight of Magellan for an overnight stay at an historic hotel before heading to the airport for a flight home.

With all there is to see and do, nothing can top a vacation expedition to Patagonia. To experience life to the fullest, book a trip with Apex Expeditions today.