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Self-Defense Products: A Quick Guide

Whether from the harm of men and animals, people have to be protected. Sticks and stones are used as the defense tools in the ancient times. Yet, the world has come a long way/

This article will tackle about legal and some illegal self-defense products,depending on places. So, you have to be very sure if these self-defense tools are approved in your location.

The first self defense product on the list is the lethal product. Several types of firearms, especially handgun are considered as lethal products. Yet, just like any kind of product, if it is not properly utilized can cause death like a piece of ‘wood’. It will really cause death especially being abused and misused often, being strike hard and often enough. A big number of 80 million people in America have their handguns with them. A person to be able to carry a handgun, you should get a license first, yet, there are many who prefer to disobey this law.

The next type of product to be talked about is the ‘less than lethal’ product. This serve to do the function of a product in between the lethal and non lethal. Best examples of these tools used in attacking opponents are made of aluminum, fiberglass, stainless steel, and sometimes wood product. The handles are made from foam and rubber, so that there will be an easy gripping. The most common model are the telescoping batons, made from stainless steel. Everywhere in your area, they are allowed, especially for defensive uses. If you want to strike, you should not use stun batons. Yet, this device is much effective if use as stun device. But, because they are having same restraint with the lethal stun guns, many of the states did not allow them.

The third kind is the nonlethal, under are pepper sprays and also stun devices as well as the personal alarms, all are belong to nonlethal products. All over the world, the largest selling nonlethal product is the pepper spray. Some states and cities may find them illegal, but usually they are allowed in most areas. Stun devices are considered second most popular nonlethal products used by many.

Since using the handguns in common in self protection, and is always out of the questions in the scenario of self-defense, the nonlethal products for self-defense got the most fame. It is believed that pepper sprays and stun devices are proven and tested to be great in giving self-defense, most especially to women who were assaulted inordinately. Personal alarms as nonlethal self-defense products are most effective in many specified circumstances. The points mentioned are the different categories of self-defense products.

Now, here is the question, which of these kinds you are getting?

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