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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Over the past twenty years, wedding photography has turned into a whole new art form. It may even mean something different for each couple. In the past, the wedding photographer was the guy who operated the mysterious black box.

In the age of camera phones, almost everyone at a wedding can have their own personal collection of photographs documenting the event. But the person who does this for a living surely has something more to offer than someone with a camera phone. In fact, professional wedding photographers are far more well-versed in using modern technology to perfectly capture a wedding. This is why wedding photography is its own beast.

However, this new level of complexity puts forward a challenge to professional wedding photographers. They now need to be able to do exactly what the couple wants.

There a lot of photography buzzwords you may be familiar with. Vintage, editorial, artistic, or contemporary, just to name a few. Confusingly, photographers can’t seem to agree on just what these terms mean.

Ultimately, it is up to the couple to decide on their wedding photographer. They have a lot of options to choose from.

Firstly, there’s photojournalism photography, otherwise known as documentary or reportage photography. This is when the photographer simply covers and documents the event without directing the couple or the guests. This allows the photographer to capture the event as naturally as possible.

Traditional wedding photography is where the photographer directs the photos, lining up the couple and the guests. This style requires the photographer to set up each and every photo as well as they can.

There is also artistic or fine art wedding photography. This is similar to traditional wedding photography. At its best, this style can capture your wedding in a very romantic and artistic fashion.

These aren’t all of the styles–there are quite a few others–but you really shouldn’t get too caught up in labels. If you become too concerned with the labels, they often just make the decision more difficult. They also imply that you can only choose one.

In reality, wedding photographers will be happy to use different styles over the course of the wedding. In fact, they might have to use different styles for the sake of getting the shot just right.

Some photographers specialize in one style, and may even use it as their selling point. Many others would describe their style as a mix of different genres. You won’t be short of options for a photographer, so look beyond the catchy buzzwords. Ultimately, it is how well they can serve you that truly matters.

Their portfolio should show a good balance of shots from every stage of the wedding, from bridal preparations to the first dance. Experience and professionalism are very important qualities to look out for in a photographer. They need to be able to deal with every situation and shooting condition. They need to be able to dedicate time and effort to your wedding.

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